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[PROFESSOR PHILLIP SHOEMAKER] mid 30s, an interesting, quirky guy. technophile and scientist. He was granted custody of his 8 yr old daughter Nicole, but his ex-wife re-married and took Nicole to live in Brazil with her new husband Oscar. For three years with no success, he has been fighting in the Brazilian courts to get his daughter back. "A man who'd do absolutely anything to be with his daughter", he reasons that if he gets rid Oscar then there will be nothing keeping Dana and Nicole in Brazil; so, he comes up with the plan to poison Oscar while at a science conference in NY. It looks for a while like he might get away with it, but his emotions get the best of him while testifying on the stand. LEAD

[DANA SILVA] 30-35, American, attractive but not exotic looking, After divorcing Phillip Shoemaker she re-marries a Brazilian scientist Oscar Silva and moves with her daughter Nicole to Brazil. This violates the agreement that gave her ex-husband sole custody, and although Shoemaker has gone to Brazil several times to get Nicole back, Dana and Oscar have so far successfully stopped him. Dana arrives in NY to help Oscar recover and bring him back to Brazil, but is incarcerated because of an outstanding warrant for her arrest from when she took Nicole to Brazil. She cuts a deal with the ADAs to help them with the criminal case against her ex-husband and in return they release her into her parents' custody with her daughter until things get straightened out. LEAD

[MAURA STERLING] 35-45, Attorney defending Shoemaker in the trial for the attempted murder of Oscar Silva. After Dana and Nicole Silva arrive in the US, she uses the family court custody proceedings to get a preview of the criminal case against her client. She is a strong advocate for her client and not above researching personal information on the ADAs to help her case. LEAD

[SHARON LEHMAN] Dana's mother, 60s. See father's description below.

[NELSON LEHMAN] Dana's father – 60s. Throughout their daughter's court battles, they seem like sympathetic, worried parents. In fact, they are more interested in their grand-daughter, and come up with a boating accident hoax to make their daughter look like an unfit mother. When that doesn't work, Nelson tries to take the blame for the attempted poisoning of Oscar so that his wife can become little Nicole's sole guardian sptv050769. FOUR-FIVE SCENES (some non-speaking)

[KATE ORRIS] early 40s, Represents Dana Silva in the custody battle against her ex-husband Phillip Shoemaker. Smart enough to leverage her client out of jail with some pertinent information that the ADA's find helpful to their criminal case against Shoemaker. FOUR-FIVE SCENES

[ELI DRISCOLL] 40ish, blustery. Dana Silva's attorney who is at her side when the detectives first question her about her husband's poisoning. TWO SCENES

[JUDGE ALICE PINN] female, over 40, presides over the open custody case between Phillip Shoemaker and his ex-wife Dana Silva. FOUR-FIVE SCENES

[JUDGE TAVIS WAINWRIGHT] male, over 40, presides over the criminal case against Phillip Shoemaker for the attempted murder of Oscar Silva. THREE-FOUR SCENES

[NICOLE SILVA] 6-8 yrs old, American, cute. Daughter of Dana Silva and Phillip Shoemaker. Currently living in Brazil with her mom and step-dad, Oscar Silva. Her mom brings her to New York after Oscar is poisoned, and she becomes the center of a custody battle between her mom, her dad, and her grandparents. 3 SCENES (2 non-speaking)

[OSCAR SILVA] 40-45, dapper, vital, A Brazilian environmental scientist who strongly disagrees with the science supporting global warming. His wife and 8-year-old stepdaughter are home in Brazil waiting for him to come back from lecturing at a climate change symposium in New York. He is poisoned and collapses into a coma in the middle of giving his speech. Upon investigation, the police find out he was running a stock scam along with his lecturing. This character speaks with Brazilian accent 2 SCENES

[DR. EVERETT BROWN] 40-45, distinguished, possibly British, "Sagan-esque". On the panel at the Global Warming 2010 Symposium with Oscar Silva. Although they disagree about the validity of global warming, he surprisingly speaks out in agreement with Oscar on the financial aspects of climate change. We find out that Oscar was blackmailing him with emails detailing fact falsifying in his research. THREE SCENES

[DR. RAMSEY] m/f, 50-55, more administrator than academic, he is the organizer of the global warming conference and answers the detectives' questions about the scientists in attendance.

[LARRY CATTERMOLE] 40ish, "bushy-haired and beard, a cloistered academic". Tells the detectives he was surprised when his colleague publicly spoke out in agreement with Oscar Silva on the economics of climate change.

[ANDERSON LEAVITT] m/f, 30, uber-geek, a young scientist who was supposed to attend the conference, but ditched at the last minute to watch rare cloud formations in Montana. Shoemaker used his nametag to crash the breakfast where Oscar was poisoned.

[NOWITZKI] m/f, 40-50, Attorney representing Nelson Lehman when he agrees to allocate that he was the one who attempted to poison Oscar Silva.

[VERNON CLAYTON] m/f, 30-35, Native American, A dodgy type, on parole for smuggling Viagra across the Canadian boarder. The detectives find him from the P.O. box registered to his name and ask him if perhaps he's been smuggling other drugs as well…

[REPORTER] m/f, 25-35, Seen on television reporting a breaking story that strong currents have carried a boat with 8 year old Nicole on it out to sea.

[VOLUNTEER] m/f, Alerts Nicole's family that the boat she is supposedly on, has been found.

[UNI] m/f, 25-35, the officer who finds a groggy, tearful Nicole asleep in a storage shed by the boathouse and carries her back to her worried family.

[MLI LARSON] female, 30-40, at the crime scene and fills the detectives in on what might have caused Oscar to collapse.

[BAILIFF] m/f, 35-45 - reads the docket number in court.

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