Models Ghost Whisperer - Episode 5.19 - Lethal Combination - Casting Call


[KELLY] In her late 20s.. vibrant, patient, and great with kids, she is a nanny who comes highly recommended by Melinda's neighbor. However, Kelly's employment history includes several dangerous close calls and accidents, suggesting that a vengeful ghost may be trying to discredit Kelly...GUEST STAR

[LAURA] In her mid 30s, this raspy-voiced and extremely upset ghost who was addicted to painkillers and alcohol died two years ago under mysterious circumstances and warns Melinda to keep her kid away from Kelly. Laura is hellbent on revenge against Kelly, whom she refers to as a 'monster,' but her rage may be misguided...GUEST STAR

[SARAH] In her 30s, gregarious and always harried, she has two rambunctious kids and a baby to take care of, so she hired Kelly as a nanny and she can't say enough great things about her. She's in denial that Kelly could be responsible for a series of dangerous accidents and bristles at Melinda's suggestion that Kelly might not be entirely trustworthy...GUEST STAR

[GIL] In his late 30s, handsome, somewhat sad and brooding, he is Laura's husband and Emily's father who finds it difficult to talk about Laura's death two years ago. Gil hired Kelly as a nanny when his wife got sick, and may have been having an affair with Kelly.sptv050769..GUEST STAR

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