Models Brothers & Sisters - Who's in and who's out?


How many big names can ABC's Brothers & Sisters lose?

First Balthazar Getty, then Rob Lowe and now word is leaking via reports elsewhere that Calista Flockhart may have one-half of a foot out the door.

So what really is going on with our beloved Walkers? Who's in and who's out? Here's the scoop...

First and foremost, sources tell me it's 'not true' that Calista's workload for next season will be reduced to any significant degree. I'm told the actress put in a request to work just one day a week starting this fall—instead of her current two to four days per week—but according to insiders, the show's higher-ups have denied that request.

Why is this all going down now? I hear that producers have been looking for ways to reduce the show's budget for several weeks now, particularly among the sufficiently paid big-name castmembers, but higher-ups deemed Calista, Sally Field and Rachel Griffiths unexpendable and insisted that all three leading ladies stay on board next year.

It's unclear if Calista will be in every single episode next season; however, ABC confirms that she will still be a series regular. And though her character's storyline may take the back burner for a bit (now that Kitty's cancer arc has wound down for the time being), the forthcoming exit of onscreen husband Robert McCallister (Rob Lowe) obviously throws some drama her way.

So McCallister leaves and Kitty stays and that's that, right? Nope. I've heard that producers wanted to end this season with a 'big death,' and even though Senator McCallister will probably leave rather than die, still another major character could be on the chopping block.

Which Brothers & Sisters character are you hoping survives these big show changes? Comment below...

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